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Creating Time To Become More Strategic

31/10/2018 10:24:04   In Our Blog  
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Part 1: YOU are the crucible of Organisational Change

.....A Peak Preview Of Our Relationship Management Workshop.....

27/09/2018 22:52:06   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, relationship management, decision maker, influencing, impact, value proposition, workshop, principles, guidelines
.... A peak preview of our workshop......


28/08/2018 07:57:27   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, mission, mission impossible, competency model, value, framework, vision, strategies
By defining our mission we can help position our role as IT Business Partners / Business Relationship Managers

Beyond Service Partner

09/08/2018 22:55:50   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, kick-start, root cause, brainstorming, strategic it partner
A review of the afternoon's discussions in one track at the June IT BP Forum

The Challenge of Delivering Value

08/08/2018 22:14:18   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, value management, continuous improvement, root cause analysis, alignment, define benefit, measure outcome
How do people perform against our D.A.M.A.C. model? See our survey results!

June 2018 IT BP Forum - From False Demand to Outcome Focus

13/07/2018 17:34:18   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, demand, outcome, credibility, effective, business partner
Key observations from the "Getting Started" track

June 2018 IT BP Forum - Build More Solid Business Cases and Hold People To Account.

13/07/2018 16:49:57   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, debate-training, conclusion, data, analysis, fallacy, business benefits, excuses, performance, benefits
Key Observations from the Masterclass track

June 2018 IT BP Forum - Change Your Questioning Language

13/07/2018 16:06:43   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, agendashift, mike burrows, business outcomes, questioning, outcomes
Key observations from the Masterclass track

IT Demand Management

07/06/2018 17:18:20   In Our Blog  

Value Management

07/06/2018 16:19:52   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, competency model, habits, skills, value management, challenge, business partner
Take a quiz to find out your strengths and weaknesses in this area


10/05/2018 14:27:00   In Our Blog  

Ego is the Enemy

01/05/2018 20:17:47   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, ego is the enemy, influence, persuade, relationship, politics, ego
A look at the powerful forces that shape our human interactions and how we need to manage ego in order to influence and persuade better

IT Business Partner

28/03/2018 20:22:46   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, it business partner, inspiration, sell, implementation, nature vs nurture
The inspiration, the sell and the implementation

Relationship Management

27/03/2018 22:19:45   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, relationship management, politics, communication, consensus
Survey Results showing only 22% consistently explain clearly their role and how that adds value to their stakeholders

Relationship Management

24/02/2018 07:56:26   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, relationship management, competency model, habits, communication, skills
Despite knowing better about relationships, we can fall back into old habits. Are you?

Building Credibility

09/01/2018 09:44:59   In Our Blog  

Past, Present and Future

16/12/2017 09:32:36   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, technology, pace of change, robots, blockchain
Reflections on the pace of technology change

The Twelve Principles  of  Strategic  IT Partnering

14/10/2017 09:08:52   In Our Blog  
baxter thompson ltd, principles, strategic, partnering, it business partner, business relationship
Applying principles to our day to day activity can help us identify what's really adding value for the long term.

Learning To Drive

27/09/2017 07:27:10   In Our Blog  
business relationship, management, simulation, business partner, consulting, feedback, continuous improvement, value management
Value Management and Continuous Improvement - Breaking the negative cycle

Earning The Right

29/08/2017 09:28:44   In Our Blog  
brm, management, it business partner, skills, strategic partner, shadow it, influence, value management, role conflict, service delivery
Find out how to move away from service and project escalations to Value Management