Passionate about BRM

Jon Baxter explains why BRM and why Reconnaissance for IT

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter

Getting home in time for dinner!

It's only been in the past few years that experience, industry knowledge and thought leadership have started to come together and rally around the cause of Business Relationship Management as a tonic to the ills of alignment between business partners and IT service providers.

Some people called out to Strategy in ITIL and the formulation of services, others related to the notion of defining demand management processes and still others called for better skilled people to handle the complex relationships with senior stakeholders.

All have merit but taken individually the IT leader is still faced with the unenviable task of having to broker requirements from different business partners, demonstrate cost savings and still be the face of innovation, saving the company from hackers!

It's a daunting, thankless task. We know. But we believe with the right combination of capabilities and approaches, the heartburning mix of business needs and technology solutions can be soothed. We're not promising instant results and there will still be quite a few pizza deliveries along the way but given the right conditions for success, we believe BRM can truely justify the value that technology brings to the company, reduce risk and deliver competitive advantage. Meaning you get home in time for Dinner!

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