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Podcast - How to get your business case approved

Our first podcast! With special guest Dr Robina Chatham

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
April 2017

Our first podcast - How To Get Your Business Case Approved April 2017 Hosted by Jon Baxter, with guest Dr Robina Chatham The most simple business cases can struggle to get approved. Even when Jon wanted to do something as essential as installing a firewall at a relatively low cost, it took him three attempts to get sign-off. Jon chats with Robina, who has many stories to tell from her several years as a CIO. If you’re struggling to get…

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Organisational Stress: Mergers and Acquisitions

Managing your organisation through changing times

Baxter Thompson Ltd, Jon Baxter
April 2017

What is the opportunity for the IT Director? According to Clayton Christianson et al. in their article “The New M&A Playbook” between 70% and 90% of acquisitions fail. When two organisations come together, it can create a significant amount of work to realign processes, organisational structures, integrations between systems, and employment contracts. That by itself, if not planned for, can be more than what the organisation can bear. However, that’s just what is at face value. Mergers can also bring…

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