The Digital Service Partner

IT BP Forum June

One of the major shifts that seems to go hand-in-hand with digital transformation, is a degree of convergence of business and IT. In other words, business and IT no longer sit 'opposite' each other, but next to each other. In this interactive workshop, we'll explore the often troubled relationship between business and IT, and how "digital" shakes it up for the service partner.

Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley, also known as The IT Paradigmologist, thinks, writes and speaks extensively about IT 'paradigms' – in other words our changing perspectives on IT. His current interests are the digital enterprise, IT operating models, value of IT, business-IT relationships, co-creation of value, multidisciplinary collaboration, working with complexity, and as the overarching theme, management of information systems in general. People collaborate with Mark to discover where they are and to visualize where they want to be. Mark is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT

Practical Info

21/06/2018 15:10
49 minutes 12 seconds
Oaks Annexe 1