How the BRM can become Personally Powerful

Strategic IT Partner Forum June

Becoming Personally Powerful 

The 21st Century Business Partner will possess an entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on delivering value through new ways of working and/or new product or service offerings. They will be comfortable operating in an uncertain, complex, ambiguous and volatile world. They will become ‘digital anthropologists’ understanding how society and the customer are evolving in the digital world. In this session, Robina will discuss the foundation competencies needed to achieve this goal and ultimately how the Business Partner may become Personally Powerful.

Odoo Members

Our ‘Impact and Influencing Workshop’ scheduled for 12 July has been designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to become Personally Powerful. 

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Robina Chatham

Mechanical Engineer,
Neuroscientist and CIO

An experienced, board level facilitator, consultant, executive coach, trainer and conference speaker with a track record of developing leadership talent and building high performing teams. Robina has the ability to inspire enlighten and motivate others with her passionate, engaging and captivating style. 

Robina has held a variety of positions ranging from Project Manager within the shipbuilding industry to European CIO for a merchant bank and Lecturer at Cranfield School of Management. She has considerable international experience in Europe, the United States, Brazil and China. In 2008 she won the BCS IT industry award “IT Consultant of the Year”.

Practical Info

27/06/2019 14:00
49 minutes 12 seconds
Great Hall, King's College