Strategic IT Partner Forum June

27/06/2019 09:00 to 27/06/2019 17:00

King's College London
0, United Kingdom

How the BRM can become Personally Powerful

  • 27/06/2019 14:00
  • Great Hall, King's College

Becoming Personally Powerful  The 21st Century Business Partner will possess an entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on delivering value through new ways of working and/or new product or service offerings. They will be comfortable operating in an uncertain, complex, ambiguous and volatile world. They will become ‘digital anthropologists’ understanding how society and the customer are evolving in the digital world. In this session, Robina will discuss the foundation competencies needed to achie...

Fixing Ghastly Online Meetings

  • 27/06/2019 15:10
  • Great Hall, King's College

How To Fix Remote Work’s Most Troublesome Bug: Ghastly Online Meetings Remote working has some great features. People get to avoid nightmare commutes and work from places that suit them, with a diverse bunch of skilled colleagues from all over the world. Organisations can access a wider pool of talent, and cut office costs. But is it worth the price? Remote meetings. They’re often boring and ineffective. That leads to poor communication, misunderstandings, conflicts and broken work relations...

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