Strategic IT Partner Forum June

Jon will introduce the day to the audience, discussing the main themes and outcomes. He'll also discuss the rebrand of the forum and introduce the new social media!

Jon Baxter

Something slightly different from the normal bio - 3 big ideas:

1) In order to stay in business, our organisations need help thinking more strategically.

2) In order to add most value we need to specialise in one industry and one technology to understand the opportunities and threats that technology can have in a business.

3) Strategic IT Partners can be the agents of (disruptive, revolutionary) technology change in an organisation. Willing to share with you on how this can be acheived through thought leadership and discussion at the forum.

Apart from this, I'm a keen yachtsman, I trained as an engineer, I spent over 5 years in France, and I'm married to an Italian. No pets, no kids (current status). Baxter Thompson Associates is my second business venture (3 years +) and I think Brompton bikes are cool.

Practical Info

27/06/2019 09:50
9 minutes