What's The Question?

Strategic IT Partner Forum June

Ever been vexed by stakeholders rocking up with the answer?  Ever thought... but what’s the question?  Ever despaired at the lost opportunity and value?

How great would it be to seek the question, rather than be told the answer?  A few year ago I was given such an opportunity.  It didn’t go well.  Why?  With hindsight, I had no idea what was involved.
Joining forces with Paul Fletcher, we’ve worked on this challenge.  One that is at the core of all transformations. 

Odoo Members

This session is an opportunity for you to engage with and explore the thinking,

1. The Question:  what does it look 

like and how does it evolve?
2. The Journey:  where does forming
the Question fit, what’s missing from
current practice?
3. The Thinking: how is this fundamentally different to that used to find the
4. The People:  who should you engage with and how should you engage with them? 

This session won’t give you the answers but it will get you thinking and give you insight into the questions you need to answer.

Ian Huke

COO and Cofounder of THROUGH IDEAS

Excelent in putting strategic thought leadership into action. Coaching your teams to explore their best ideas. Delivering outcomes that create tangible customer benefits. 

Ian has cross industry experience in both bluechip companies and startup software houses. 

Ian is a former solicitor and independent assessor of Digital Apprenticeships for the British Computer Society.

Practical Info

27/06/2019 15:10
49 minutes 48 seconds
S0.03 Breakout Room, King's College