Innovation Case Study & Workshop

Strategic IT Partner* Forum November

As part of its shift from IT provider to Digital Peer, DfTs Digital Service created an Innovation Lab as part of its new capability in May 2017.

In the session, we will share the highs and lows of this journey, how we have started to stimulate, surface and shape demand for digital, data and technology and the impact this has had on the way the profession is viewed internally.

In the second part of the session, there will be the opportunity to experience one method that we use to develop ideas and build consensus in teams.

Zachary Arundel

Zach Arundel runs the DfT Lab – DfT’s innovation and prototyping team. The Lab brings together policy people, designers and developers to create innovative prototypes that help DfT do its job.

Practical Info

22/11/2018 14:00
49 minutes 48 seconds
Beyond Service Partner - Longford Suite 2