Defining the BRM role

As part of our service, we can help you define the Business Relationship Management role (BRM for short). Good IT Business Relationships encourage an effective, value-added relationship between a provider and its business partners, whether that's internally between departments or business-to-business. The role will vary from organisation to organisation, below we define the role in general and underline why an effective BRM could be crucial to your business.

The Strategic IT Partner Goal

The  goal of Strategic IT Partner is achieved when an enabling technology function has common business goals with the another organisation unit such as Sales or Supply Chain. They agree long term plans with business colleagues, share the responsibility for delivering cutting edge capabilities that deliver real business value. They spend a significant amount of thier time finding new innovative opportunities and focusing on the future direction of the company. This goal is best achieved through enabling the role of Business Relationship Management.


A Business Relationship Manager (BRM) is a role that serves as the strategic interface between a Provider (eg. IT function) and one or more Business Partners to stimulate, reveal and shape business demand for the Provider’s products and services and ensure that the potential business value from those products and services is captured, realised, optimised and recognised.

An effective Business Relationship Manager contributes to the business leadership team by actively engaging with the business to discuss strategic direction and works to identify ways for the provider to support and advance the business' objectives. In addition, the relationship manager helps translate the demand into supply by partnering with appropriate supply resources to create project and program charters; programs managing business process change; ensuring training needs are fully met; and monitoring provider Business Partner satisfaction and facilitate continuous process improvement in the improvement of the Provider Business Partner experience.

Source:BRM Institute, wiki

This may well mean that there is no such person with the title “business relationship manager” in an organisation but the role, relationships and activities associated with that role are present – working well between the business partner and service provider and delivering the expected outcomes. In some organisations, there may be many people who adopt the role of business relationship management, do it full time and are organised into a department. In others, there may be no function and the role may only be fulfilled part time.

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