Recruitment and Interim BRM

We provide a recruitment and interim BRM service that fulfills both short term and longer term needs, following agreed outcomes from the Reconnaissance for IT diagnostic. Roles are formulated to the specific needs and strengths of the organisation. Qualification of candidates is based on training and our Reconnaissance for IT criteria.

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Recruitment Carries Risk

Often, job specifications that candidates are recruited into turn out to be very different than the actual position. This carries a level of risk that is shaped not just by the candidate, but by the organisation itself.

Diagnostic First

We first begin by carrying out a diagnostic of the company in order to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we can then analyze issues pertaining to Strategic Partnering.

Our Distinctive Approach

With our knowledge and experience, Baxter Thompson Associates have identified the traits and behaviours that enable the role.

More Certainty:

Selecting the right candidates means that hte risk fo failure, delays and re-recruitments are reduced. The value of the right successor can therefore help to achieve the goal of Strategic IT partnership. Using interims means flexibilty, impartiality, results orientation and minimum learning curves.

Our Accomplishments:

What Baxter Thompson brings to the table when they connect with clients is a long history of sucessful assistance adn results to numerous organisations. our extensive experience in Reconnaissance for IT allows us to know the mistakes and perils which to avoid.

We use Reconnaissance for IT tm specifically to conduct a survey and construct an analysis of your IT function first – using it to better understand your business so we can help you evaluate where you are on the BRM Journey. We also use it to define a Business Relationship Management role specific for your business. And finally, we use it to profile and assess potential candidates for the role of business relationship manager.


Reduce Risk

Failure, delays, and re-recruitments are avoided.


Achieve effectiveness through a fresh perspective.


Fresh eyes and ideas to strengthen your business.

Educated Decision Making

Diagnostics ensure a thorough understanding


More detail on the approach, rationale, and options.


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