We help you get alignment through

Strategic Partnerships

Whether you are in Digital or in Information Technology, we stay with you throughout your career journey and enhance your promotion prospects thanks to our experience in corporate enterprise.

We provide a framework of five online courses via our academy that leads to certification in SDBP® Practitioner through online exams and a peer reviewed case study. SDBP® Stands for Strategic Digital Business Partner.


How to:

Earn Respect

Deal with politics

Get your voice heard

Understand the "real" agenda

Get alignment

Come up with a communication plan for your idea.


How to:  

Focus on customers

Identify Value (need vs.   activity)

Measure Value

Troubleshoot poor performance

Deliver improvement


How to:

Define a strategy

Communicate a strategy

Use basic innovation tools to populate ideas

Show the impact of change with capability maps

Build a roadmap

Pass three exams to gain the Strategic Digital Business Partner FOUNDATION Certificate. Click on the icons to find out more.

How to:

Set up executive decision making 

Validate and Prioritise ideas

Manage requests and delivery expectations

Use ROI and risk decision criteria

Balance activity with respect to outcomes

Maximise return and reduce risk  through project and service delivery

Manage technical debt


How to: 

Define a problem that everyone believes in

Create a compelling case for Strategic Partnerships

Think of yourself as a leader

Do an impact assessment and create a future vision

Define a plan to successfully deliver change 

Define roles and competencies

Get support and overcome resistance from sponsors and stakeholders

Pass all 5 exams and submit a case-study to gain the  Strategic Digital Business Partner PRACTITIONER Certificate.  Click on the icons to find out more.

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