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A Business Relationship Management role requires many different skill sets in order to be effective in diverse and challenging environments. We help practitioners focus on strategic opportunities working at a senior management level

Training Courses

Standardised Approach

Lack of a standardised approach to business relationship management means that there is confusion over the role, purpose and competencies. This leads to ineffectiveness and failed implementations which increases the difficulty of obtaining the benefits of business relationship management. The end results we seek from our approach are risk reduction, increased competitive advantage and increased return on investment for your business.

Global Partners

BTA is a proud partner with the BRMI which defines the global standard in business relationship management and has written two courses. This has been expressed in two training packages - a foundation level and a practitioner level enabled through APMG; an examintion institute. The approach behind this is the education of concepts, tools,  and techniques and certification through an exam .

Delivered by BRMs

These courses are delivered by seasoned Business Relationship Managers, not just trainers. BTA has helped conceive the Practitioner level course from its inception. Therefore, Business Relationship Managers globally can draw on our rich experience.

Greater Effectiveness

The benefits of doing these courses means that the candidate has an increased chance of being effective in the organisation. Furthermore, the implementation of BRM competency will be smoother as the course helps to contribute to the candidates's professional development in a global standard. These are the fundamentals of BRMP and CBRM. 

Leading in This Domain

 Our experience allows us to understand the opportunities and challenges needed to accomplish the Strategic IT Partner level. Our expertise provides the groundwork to infuse a considered and nuanced approach into the training.

Baxter Thompson Associates have teamed up with the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) to define and train the competences required to be a successful Business Relationship Manager. We subscribe to the 'BRM Practitioner' certification produced by the BRMI and we provide two courses:

  1. BRMP® course (NOW LIVE!)
  2. CBRM® course (NOW LIVE!)

Both to be accredited by APMG.

BRMP® Course and Certification 

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) training and certification programme is intended as a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers at every experience level. The training and certification are designed to provide a solid baseline level of knowledge.

BRMP® training is available as an online or an onsite class for individuals or corporate clients. The BRMP® certification exam is always included with the training and does not have any additional costs for the student. The class is a three day course. The exam is taken on the third day, at the end of the course, or alternatively, the exam can be scheduled to be taken at a later time with approval of the instructor.

The exam format is in closed book, 50 multiple choice questions and is limited to a 40 minute time duration.

BRMP® - More information

CBRM® Course and Certification

The Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) Practitioner Qualification programme is intended for the intermediate-to-advanced Business Relationship Manager. The main focus is on advancing to the role of Strategic Business Relationship Manager. As such, the primary focal point is on strategic business relationship management; leveraged to optimise business value to the enterprise.

To pursue the CBRM® certification, a candidate must be a certified Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®). The CBRM® course is four days long, excluding the exam. This is an onsite class only. It is organised by either Baxter Thompson Associates or booked per corporate client.

The exam is based on a case study with 4 questions over 2.5 hours that can either be paper based or taken Online.

CBRM® certification will be granted by the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) for three years upon successfully passing the exam.

Continued CBRM® certification after three years will depend on acceptable professional development training and experience. It will be validated by BRMI with a fee paid on the third anniversary of the exam to BRMI.

CBRM® - More information

Baxter Thompson Associates use the 'SFIA Framework' to help define 'business relationship management' roles in the information technology sector. The following table outlines how Baxter Thompson Associates maps the BRMI certifications with the SFIA Framework. These mappings are approximate and variable across different organisations.

BRM Course

SFIA Grade

Typical roles and
potential career path

Typical Roles and
potential career path

​Technical Managerial
​1 – Follow Senior ​Technician ​Administrator

2– Assist​ ​Junior Analyst ​Supervisor

BRM Professional (available May 2016)

3–Apply Analyst Manager

BRM Professional (available May 2016)

4–Enable Senior Analyst ​Manager

Certified BRM
(available July 2016)

5–Ensure, Advise Architect Manager

Certified BRM
(available July 2016)

6–Initiate, Influence Architect Senior Manager
7–Set Strategy,
inspire, mobilise
Head of Function Head of Function

Coach and Mentor

You Can't Teach Experience

A course can only go so far in helping a BRM become effective. Influence, trust, and impact depend on a whole host of behaviours and attitudes. These can take years to develop; without which the effectiveness of the BRM is severely compromised.

Coaching Nurtures Progress

BTA offers coaching and mentoring services either as an add on to training, individually on a recurring basis, or as part of a company Personal Development Plan. Experienced practitioners work in the strictest confidence with candidates to help identify areas of improvement and nurture progress.

A Unique Integrated Solution

With Baxter Thompson Associates, coaching and mentoring is specifically tailored to the competency areas required in BRM and provided by experienced BRMs.

Clarity and Confidence

We believe that the success of the role is very dependent on behaviours and attitudes. Having coaching and mentoring in place ensures "bedding in" of new recruits. It also adds clarity on the application of tools, techniques and increased confidence in role execution. This compliments ongoing career development as well.

Based on Experience

The lack of a training course for long periods in this strategic area helps to explain some of the most common issues that IT and businesses have. These pertain to communication, planning and governance. Opportunely, Baxter Thompson has been a leader in developing and teaching this course.

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It's easy to read or write about 'Influencing Skills'. They are much harder to change and develop in real life. Developing these competencies and traits takes experience, knockdowns and encouragement. It means that the candidate needs to constantly ask “how can I improve"? Which is why at Baxter Thompson Associates we believe that they need to be coached, not trained.

We coach candidates throughout the process, helping them to develop the necessary personal attributes and relationship skills. This is dependent upon the individuals growth areas and career ambitions. It can also form part of a long-term intervention with your organisation. At Baxter Thompson, we refer to this as the 'Influencing skills' >

Coaching can develop skills
that training alone cannot


Coaching the soft skills helps an individual to put their experience as a BRM into context. It assists them to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

Personal development will mean ensuring confidentiality during the one-on-one sessions as it can involve discussing difficult situations. The manager will sometimes be outside their own comfort zone and they will need the personal motivation and ability to change attitudes and behaviours.

Whereas training is textbook and class-based work, the ultimate aim of coaching the soft skills is to significantly improve partner relationships.


This is done through one-one-one sessions which:

a) Understand partner perspectives.

b) Understand the cause and effect of an individual's actions and then learn how to develop themselves personally. This allows them to enjoy better partner relationships.

c) Have complete confidentiality between the Coach and Coachee. Outcomes are driven by and are the responsibility of the coachee as well.

d) Both the coach and coachee perform the preparations for the meeting in advance and there are a minimum number of sessions to get the value.

Coaching and Mentoring Deliver Career Advancement

Baxter Thompson Associates firmly believe that the emphasis should always be on the soft skills, ie. the personal attributes and relationship skills of the individual. The hard skills, ie. tools and techniques, are secondary. Well developed personal relationship skills will enable the candidate to eventually migrate higher up the organisation's hierarchy.

Individual and Corporate Packages


BRMP®  Online Training

Training can be self-led and taken Online. This allows and respects the individual's pace of learning.

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BRMP®  Classroom Training 

Individuals can book the classroom based course offered by Baxter Thompson Associates.

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CBRM® Classroom Training

Individuals can book the classroom based course offered by Baxter Thompson Associates.

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An additional element can be bought in five hours modules that can either be used as a suppliment to the training or stand-alone personal development.

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Every organisation's capabilities vary considerably – from engagement model to roles and responsibilities. The success of enabling the BRM Competency depends on a tailored, training approach that responds to the environment. To do this, it is recommended that the Reconnaissance for IT Diagnostic is conducted first.

Reconnaissance for IT

BRMP® and CBRM® Training

This follows the curriculum outlined by the BRMI.
However, emphasis on particular competencies will be based on the organisations strengths and weaknesses, and making the theory relevent to the current environment.

BRMP® Training CBRM® Training


As an outcome of the diagnostic and with engagement from the Human Resources function, individual coaching can take place as part of a personal development plan.

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