UK IT Business Partner Survey Results 2016

Value Management Needs To Be Improved.

This is the first survey of its kind and helps baseline the current environment within which IT Business Partners work in the UK. 63 respondents contributed to the survey across a very diverse range of industries.

We find that on the scale of Organisation Partnership Maturity, the sample of UK industry respondents achieves the level of “Service Partner”, however there is significant variability among the cohort.

  • Level 1 - Reactive Partner
  • Level 3 - Service Partner
  • Level 5 - Strategic Partner

Despite pockets of success we find that amongst the competencies and capabilities that drive Organisation Partnership Maturity, Value Management is the least skilled and practised domain.

Given that this area is one of the key justifications and enablers for an effective IT Business Partnering role, Baxter Thompson Associates see this as a clarion call to refocus effort in this area.

This survey is a snapshot of some of the tools and tests contained the Reconnaissance for IT™ Diagnostic, a service we offer in helping organisations become Strategic Partners.

We will shortly be publishing our discussion on root causes and next steps in Part 2.


Part 1 includes:

  • Discussion on what constitutes Strategic Partnership

  • Ranking of the 63 respondents* for Partnership Maturity

  • A review of the respondent's key capabilities and competencies that drive Partnership Maturity

*anonymised information