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Do you have the following criteria for joining our Founding Partner programme? We're looking for rising stars who:

  • want to improve the way they work to seek better outcomes for clients, colleagues and themselves

  • want to engage collaboratively with other participants and the author of the courses in the online forum and webinars to share their experience

  • have at least five years of experience working in a technology department or a technology company that has more than five employees

  • have at least two years experience dealing with customers, business users or other teams daily

  • are so impressed with the quality of our platform that they want to bring five more friends and colleagues on board

  • speak and write fluent English. 

Terms and Conditions

The SDBP® Foundation certificate will be released when:

  • Five more of your colleagues or friends have successfully completed this application process by the time you have completed the first course, Relationship Management. Access to the subsequent two courses is also dependent on this criteria. 
  • You have successfully completed all exams relating to the three courses - Relationship, Value and Strategy.
  • You have had demonstrable interaction in the forums; such as asking questions, providing answers, providing examples of course technique and tool use, and attending webinars.

To help assess your application, you are prepared to share your LinkedIn profile and your work email address and take part in a 15 minute interview.

To help us expand our network of Strategic Digital Business Partners, you're happy to advocate our brand and share your experience publically.

Access to the platform is limited to three months per course. There are typically five examinable modules per course that are released sequentially per course. Because one course starts sequentially after another, this gives you nine months in total to complete all three courses.

Access to the platform is for individual use only. If you want your team to do it collectively, please contact us using the link in the footer.

For continued access to the course material (video, lesson notes, downloads and online forums) after successful completion of the course, an annual subscription is payable. 

This free offer is limited to a number of delegates that we can comfortably administrate. Subsequent applicants will pay a fee to access the platform. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice. If you have been given a referral code and that referral code has been used five times already by other subscribers, a priced alternative offer will be made.  

We've already had many people experience our courses in Europe, and the feedback we've had is overwhelmingly positive. We're genuinely keen for you to accelerate your career through our platform and we believe that we can help through the courses we provide. If for whatever reason you're still not happy with the experience, we will listen to you and where possible, make changes. If that is not successful, then we reserve the right to withdraw your access to the platform and cancel our mutual obligations defined in these terms and conditions.

While we are relaxed and informal, we seek high standards of professionalism. We respect people no matter their ethnicity, background, religion, colour, ability or experience. We value courtesy, helpfulness, clear communication and collaboration. Should we become aware of behaviour that does not demonstrate these characteristics or you do not do not comply with the offer terms or online course training terms (see links in the footer), we reserve the right to terminate your access to the platform immediately.

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