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Lack of Alignment

Weak collaboration between business and IT partner lowers business productivity and reduces business agility in seizing new market opportunities

(PWC 2013 Global Digital IQ Survey)


Baxter Thompson Associates increases strategy alignment through enabling a Business Relationship Management (BRM) competency. We do so by applying the Reconnaissance for IT framework and diagnostic to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the organisation.

This provides different courses of action depending on the level of change required, investment available and engagement from the rest of the business. Finally, a roadmap and change management plan can be extablished to ensure successful delivery of the role.

Where are you on the BRM Journey?

Check the timeline below to identify the different stages where we can help take you forward.


Business partners are complaining. The IT service provider is accused of being reactive, too slow and/or too late. How do you respond?


Business and IT partners distrust each other. Furthermore, IT has no idea of long term plans and requirements come out of the blue.
How will you deliver the service?


Both Business and IT partners have formalised their processes. However, there have been hindrances along the way and the value derived could be superior. How will you enable the strategy?


Both Business and IT Partners recognise the need to work together and understand how to increase business value. How can the relationship be improved?


Joint collaboration and involvement; not just on technology, but also people and process impacts. Common goals, risks and benefits.

Terminology Source: BRM Institute, wiki


We are a niche advisory, training, coaching and recruitment service that provides an integrated service to improve your strategic partnering. The core value is in its unique approach: Focusing solely on the Business Relationship Management competency.

We are the first solution partner in this domain and therefore practice what we preach: strategic thinking and innovation. In addition, we provide our services on the basis of making the client self sufficient with permanent solutions. Best of all, we charge remarkably reasonable and affordable rates for our help and services.


Recent PWC research identified that executives reporting strong collaboration with their IT partners also cite top quartile growth in revenues, profit and customer satisfaction*. 

Making sure that the IT department can focus on the long term means that the IT leadership can be assured of longer tenure in role.

Business partners will be able to turn to IT as trusted advisors who can advise on the long term impacts of market forces. Simultaneously, IT can also assess the opportunities and threats of new and existing technologies.

*PWC 2013 Global Digital IQ Survey


Baxter Thompson has helped improve the capabilities, profits and overall success of numerous IT organisations before. We've achieved this while focusing on strategy, innovation, portofolio management and value realisation; with the premise built on the bedrock of relationship management.

Our notable fulfillments to previous clients includes clarity of plans and increased trust. The end results brought about greater influence on the decision making processes. In addition, we have developed long range plans on how to develop the BRM competency and deliver according to those plans.


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Your Journey

Understand the different stages of the 'BRM Journey' and decide where your organisation might be on the way to developing an effective Business Relationship Management capability. Where are you on the BRM Journey?>

Reconnaissance for IT

Reconnaissance for IT is our unique, tactical framework and describes how we work. Learn more about our approach and how we use Reconnaissance for IT to diagnose exactly what is required to help move you along the BRM Journey >

BRM Competency

Find out exactly which skills we believe are necessary for an organisation to achieve a state of full capability maturity. In the diagnostic, we recommend a tailored mix of the Management Skills and Influencing Skills to help you achieve your objectives >

How could effective Business Relationship Management save you money, increase the value of your business opportunities and reduce your exposure to risk?

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