Strategic IT Partner Kick Start - Parliamentary Digital Services Case Study & Discussion.

IT BP Forum June

Kick-Start Kaizen

Getting beyond Service Partner is fraught with a simple question - where do you start? Gavin Brought in Baxter Thompson Associates to run a one day workshop to help identify the constraints to be removed and new activities that needed to enabled in order to start the journey towards Strategic IT Partner. Gavin shares the activities inspired by the workshop and progress so far. There will be a discussion with the delegates to share their experiences on the type of activities they are doing to kick start Strategic IT Partnering.

Gavin Berman

For 16 years worked in the House of Commons Library providing statistical research for MPs before moving in to a product development role where I was the Library’s key interface with the Parliamentary Digital Service. A couple of years ago moved to join the newly formed IT Business Partner function, my first IT job, taking my business knowledge with me and learning IT on the way.

Practical Info

21/06/2018 14:00
49 minutes 12 seconds
Oaks Annexe 1