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Schneider Electric

Power Distribution Sector

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Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management with revenues exceeding €22bn in sales. The Global Marketing division has many custom applications that support its processes based on the IBM Domino platform (Notes) and other .net and SQL web services.

Users were dissatisfied with the lack of a globalised IT support service and performance of the applications. In addition Global Marketing requested guidance on the long-term future application solution to support marketing processes.

Baxter Thompson Ltd was engaged to respond to these requirements.


Define the Strategy

  1. Identify the issues in detail and then triage into long-term and short-term categories. Identify the information required to enable decisions.

  2. Identify governance required to get consensus and improve Reporting.

  3. Manage a taskforce to outline the root cause of the short-term issues and define the remedial actions.

  4. Execute a comprehensive review of IT support processes, applications, roles and responsibilities.

Define the Programme

  1. Respond to the large number of issues with a Programme Management approach.

  2. Break out the long term issues into categories and outline projects that respond to the main needs: IT Support Process; Application Performance; Application Architecture; Application Roadmap study.

  3. Outline and agree the scope of the major deliverables, Request information and quotes from various agencies to build a high-level structure and cost.

  4. Define high, medium and low cost scenarios and negotiate the scope of requirements verses the ability of the global function to pay.

Deliver the Benefit

  1. Recruit, train and handover to a permanent Business Relationship Manager and Application Manager

  2. Establish formal communication channels and regular reviews for improved decision making and risk mitigation - gain approval for the proposed 420k€ programme.

Business Benefit

  • Significantly improved communication and consensus between global functions.

  • Improved Demand Management Processes, Finance Chargeback Processes, defined Governance Structure and Reporting.

  • The use of Application Lifecycle Management to enable strategic decisions and an Application Manager to own the process.

  • An agreed budget of 420k€ and programme structure to deliver against the long term risks.

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