About us

We drive improved revenue, improved risk management and increase competitive advantage for companies through the enablement of the IT Business Partner Management function in an IT department and across the corporate functions. We offer advisory, interim, training and recruitment.

Formed in 2009, Baxter Thompson Associates has always specialised in Information Technology Services. We bring together a blend of experienced, interim managers and consultants who have delivered tangible results while working as IT Business Partners / Business Relationship Managers (BRM).

We typically help corporate companies on an European basis but are equally at home with smaller growing companies.

Mission Statement

To help Clients improve revenue, reduce risk and increase competitive advantage through the enablement of the IT Business Partner competency in the Client's organisation.

To establish, nurture and grow an IT Business Partner community in the UK that drives value for our clients, IT Business Partners and our associates.

Our Beliefs

We are focused on responding to the following four imperatives

We acknowledge that the IT industry still has a long way to go before it reaches maturity – due to new disruptive technology and new management methods constantly evolving the way technology adds value to a business.
We recognise that – in order for IT functions to be taken seriously – the most important and overlooked asset that IT has (beyond Technology and Human capital) is the relationships it has with its partners; yet this remains an elusive commodity in many organisations.
We recognise that the only way to deliver technology value to a business is through a tried and tested management framework – and a real understanding of business relationships.
We acknowledge that to transform the (business) relationship, from an ad-hoc one to strategic partner, requires more than simply tools and templates – it also demands personal development.

Our Values

Defining who we are and what our business stands for


We are dedicated to building exceptional and collaborative, long-term partnerships.


We are honest and humble in our approach.


We aim to be brief and to the point. We believe that the simplest solution can be the best one.


We have a practical and hands-on approach. We are committed to getting the job done, delivering on time and within budget. We believe in accountability.


We are an industry innovator.
We believe in being progressive and inventive, aiming to find effective and dynamic solutions.


We are patient with everyone we work with. We believe in listening to our clients and business partners. We are friendly and approachable.


We believe in being flexible and adaptable. We think on our feet. We are energetic and responsive.


We build rather than replace. We always aim to help you, the customer, become self-sufficient.


We believe in being focused on the job in hand. We believe in clear communication.

Do you like what we have to say?

We regularly comment on our experiences and contribute to the BRM Institute.

Baxter Thompson Associates is a trading name of Baxter Thompson Ltd, Company number 07065708. VAT Registered.

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