"When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective." --Stephen R. Covey

When the latest IT service desk report is discussed, do business peers reject it and say it doesn't reflect their experience?

How about being informed at the last minute about a critical change to IT systems that supports a new (unheard of) business initiative?

Lastly, are you consulted part of the decision making process on business plans or are you told that you just need to support them?

Start The Journey To More Effective Relationships

Trust is the measure of a relationship and we unlock the code that enables trust to flourish in an organisation. The code is: "VITAR" TM:

  • Value Proposition - Stating what's important to your audience and how you can help
  • Influence - Understanding how to influence through communication techniques
  • Trust - Building credibility and empathy, managing ego to then manage politics
  • Alignment - ensuring values, principles and understanding are "on the same page"
  • Relationships - managing the portfolio, managing stakeholder expectations and coming up with a relationship plan for your value proposition.

The Outcome

Feel sufficiently confident to implement the techniques on leaving the workshop with an action plan to build more effective relationships.

"Delivery of the course was excellent with the right balance of theory and practice, engaging conversations and real life examples. Jon understands complexities and challenges of the role and delivers meaningful examples and techniques as a response. Excellent training - I would highly recommend"

Agnieszka Jankowska, Faculty Relationship Manager, Queen Mary, University of London

Benefits of applying the workshop techniques:

Trusted Advisor

  • Position your team towards this TRUSTED goal
  • Recognise the fundamental principles
  • Check-in with your influencing behaviours
  • Understand AND practice "soft skills"

Clearer Comms.

  • Manage expectations consistently
  • Adjust your style of engagement
  • Start with your audience's challenges in mind

Early and Senior Engagement

  • Access Decision Makers earlier in the evolution of ideas based on trust and credibility
  • Inspire confidence to deal with Senior Stakeholders

Role Clarity

  • Best practices for enabling relationship management
  • Clarify a colleague's contribution
  • Hold people to account

Relationship Outline

Value Proposition

  • Definition
  • Process
  • Sample and Templates


  • Measurement Of Alignment


  • Influence Competencies
  • Influence Journey
  • Self Awareness
  • Communication Techniques
  • Engagement Styles
  • Checklists and Tips

Relationship Portfolio Management

  • Elicit, Manage And Communicate Expectations
  • Organisation Mapping And Engagement Strategy
  • Roles And Reference Card 
  • Engagement Worksheet


  • Credibility, Empathy And Ego
  • Ego Drives Politics
  • Politics
  • Tactics To Manage Politics
  • Cultural Values


  • Fundamentals
  • Engagement Approach
  • Contact Strategies
  • Symptoms, Expectations And Perspectives

What you'll get:

  • Clear framework and approach oriented towards business outcomes
  • Tools you can use.
  • Practice in the techniques
  • Case studies and experience from facilitators who've been there and done that
  • Opportunity to stand back and reflect on personal as well as team performance
  • Action plan

What we bring:

  • Thought leadership and years of experience
  • Insight into the application and current challenges many practitioners face (you're not alone) 
  • Selective use of techniques that add most value, formulated in a way that can be adopted easily.
  • The option of coaching either in groups or 1:1 subsequently to the workshop
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