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Euronext is a pan-European trading platform and financing centre that turns over €450m. Risk management and data security are key drivers to ensure market stability. The Information Security department has between 15-20 staff and works within an IT function of approximately 300 people. Given the recent demerger from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and organisational changes that arose as a consequence; the new Chief Information Security Officer wanted to change the strategic approach to risk management and information security. Baxter Thompson Associates were engaged to help articulate and Implement the strategy.


Define the Strategy

  1. Lead SWOT and customer journey workshops to confirm the overall vision from “Protect” to “Protect and Enable”. Help interpret the key findings into strategic initiatives and cultural values.

  2. Articulate the key measures and strategic initiatives into aligned projects through the use of “Strategy On A Page”.

Define the Programme

  1. Work with the heads of department to define the Roadmap, Project Charters and Year Plans to ensure that activities are aligned to the strategy.

  2. Interpret best practice partnering principles to InfoSec User Awareness and configure the approach, activities, Roadmap for the dissemination of user training, compliance, risk management, policy education; such that the vision was revalidated from “awareness” to “engagement”.

Deliver the Benefit

  1. Coach and train the newly recruited InfoSec Engagement Manager in the principles and practice of the capability based on using a 2 way feedback mechanism of InfoSec Liaisons within each of the Euronext Business Functions.

  2. Perform a diagnostic into related InfoSec capabilities of project management, demand management, capacity management, prioritization and Business As Usual (BAU) management; thus identifying the key areas of improvement needed in order for InfoSec to function well with its peers.

Business Benefit

  • Peers and employees have a clear understanding of what activities they should be doing and how they are aligned to the InfoSec strategy, used at CXO board meetings.

  • A clear Roadmap on risk reduction and improved relationships through security “engagement” with Euronext stakeholders.

  • Management training materials on projects, demand, BAU, prioritisation.

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