This online community forum is for  IT Business Partners who are subscribers to the "Buzz" networking meeting, customers, and attendees on Baxter Thompson Associate's courses. It's a private forum and you need to be registered, which is done by subscribing to one of the "Business Partner Buzz" meetings or by contacting us.

Usual common sense forum rules apply. Be nice, be articulate, be genuine and be helpful.


  • We don't claim copyright ownership of what you've written.
  • What is posted here is free to use except subject to copyright where stated.
  • No membership fees.

This forum is open-source, a very comprehensive wiki and you get Karma for engaging on the forum - posting replies questions etc.

Karma Points Needed

  • 1 upvote, add comments
  • 10 downvote
  • 30 insert text link, upload files
  • 50 insert clickable link, answer own question immediately
  • 75 retag, edit wiki questions and answers
  • 100 flag offensive, close own questions
  • 200 answer/comment by email
  • 300 edit any post, view offensive flags
  • 500 accept any answer (after 1 week)
  • 750 delete any comment
  • 900 lock posts
  • 1000 delete any question or answer