Coaching and Mentoring Delivers Career Advancement

Baxter Thompson Associates firmly believe that the emphasis should firstly be on the soft skills, ie. the personal attributes and relationship skills of the individual. The hard skills, ie. tools and techniques, are secondary in terms of effectiveness. Well developed personal relationship skills will enable the candidate to eventually migrate higher up the organisation's hierarchy.

You Can't Teach Experience

A workshop can start the process for a manager to become more effective. Influence, trust, and impact depend on a whole host of behaviours and attitudes. These can take years to develop; without which the effectiveness of the your role in a complex organisation can be severely compromised. We've been there, know how it feels and cen accelerate your progress through avoiding the pitfalls and providing you with the tips to succeed. 

Coaching Nurtures Progress

BTA offers coaching and mentoring services either as an add on to training, individually on a recurring basis, or as part of a company sponsored Personal Development Plan. Experienced practitioners work in the strictest confidence with candidates to help identify areas of improvement and nurture progress.

A Unique Integrated Solution

With Baxter Thompson Associates, coaching and mentoring is specifically tailored to the competency areas required in Strategic Partnering you need and provided by experienced practitioners.

Clarity and Confidence

Having coaching and mentoring in place ensures "bedding in" of new recruits. It also adds clarity on the application of tools, techniques and increased confidence in role execution. This complements ongoing career development.

Coaching can develop skills
that training alone cannot


Coaching helps you to put their experience into context. It assists you to better understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

Personal development will  mean you will sometimes be outside your own comfort zone and you will need the personal motivation and ability to change attitudes and behaviours.

Whereas training is textbook and class-based work, the ultimate aim of coaching is to significantly improve effectiveness of your role and manage the ambiguity and complexity in organisations.


This is done through one-one-one sessions which:

  • Understand different stakeholder perspectives.

  • Understand the cause and effect of an individual's actions and then understand the different courses of action and behaviours to get different results. 

  • Define the activities you needs to complete in order to achieve clearly defined outcomes.

You perform the preparations for the meeting in advance, through a minimum number of sessions over a period of several months; to see the gradual but consistent change in performance.

Fast track your career progress with coaching and mentoring from Baxter Thompson Associates

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