SDBP® Certificate 

sdbp certificate

Gain recognition with the Strategic Digital Business Partner (SDBP®) Certificate and present it to potential employers on LinkedIn.

Demonstrate value to customers by show-casing your ability to overcome the challenges of bureaucracy, politics, communication through gaining the SDBP® certificate .

Accelerate and enhance your career prospects in your current role and open up opportunities longer term when you apply the techniques consistently and demonstrate progress in gaining the SDBP® certificate.

Gain confidence in applying the most impactful established best practices from five competencies in your day to day work experience through achieving the SDBP® certificate. 

See a common link to a variety of different roles in your organisation and complement existing role-based qualifications through having the SDBP® certificate.

Cover the competencies essential in enabling Digital Transformation with either a Foundation or Practitioner Certificate


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Complete the first three of the five Strategic Partner training courses and pass the exams

 Focus on Effectiveness and Efficiency and become more than a "Service Partner" through studying our courses on Relationship, Value, and Strategy.

When can you gain the certificate?

You can gain the SDBP® Foundation certificate now.   Buy 
The Practitioner Certificate will be beta tested and released with another special offer in 2021. 


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Complete all five of the Strategic Partner courses, pass the exams and present a written case study 

This covers Relationships, Value, Strategy, Portfolio and Organisational Change. ALL of these competencies are considered essential in enabling Digital Transformation in an organisation.
The additional case study will be in the form of a 1500 word assignment that demonstrates:
  • The situation before the application of the course techniques. 
  • Which techniques were applied.
  • Challenges encountered and how they were overcome.
  • Results acheived.
  • This will be signed off by one line manager from two different departments in the organisation.
  • Assessment will  be a review of the case study and a half hour discussion with you by a Baxter Thompson Associate.

Gain the SDBP® certificate through our role-based scenario exams

The SDBP® exam applies a unique approach to validating the traits and behaviours in addition to the competencies through an online role-play story based exam, where you take on the role of various employees in a fictional organisation, drawn from a synthesis of the creator’s experiences.

In the exam, you will have to choose which is the best outcome from a multiple choice question. There are typically 20 questions to answer per course.  Exam rationales are provided to help understanding and are presented once the exam is complete. There is no time limit but a 100% pass rate is required after 3 attempts.

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Experience an exam scenario

From our Relationship Management course.



V alue Proposition




Relationship Portfolio Management



Define Benefit

Align Outcomes to Activities

Measure Outcomes

Analyse Root Cause

Continuous Improvement


Lifecycle and Strategy

Create Strategy

Communicate Strategy On a Page

  Innovation Principles and Practices

Communicate Heatmaps and Roadmaps




Demand Management

Innovation Approach

Feasbility Approach

Programme Approach

Operational Approach

Decommission Approach



Target the Pain

Envision How We Will Work Differently

Deploy Planning

Embedding Organisational Change

Troubleshooting Change Resistance

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