Call for Topics for our Top Challenge Debates

Strategic IT Partner* Forum November

If you have a burning question or would like to discuss a particular issue in our Top Challenge Debates, please submit a brief description and your contact details at the bottom of this page. You must be happy to lead the conversation with other like minded people (no more than 6 people per group). Some example topics are listed below: 

Getting Started

How the IT BP role fits into different types of organisation.
How to engage with business stakeholders when they don't engage strategically.
How to build confidence and trust.
How to balance different points of view or interests - conflict resolution and effective communication.
How to demonstrate value to business partners.
How to set up partnering processes from scratch.
How to do demand management.
How to deal with outsourcing.
Is there really a role for the IT BP when the business unit want immediate results?

Beyond Service Partner

Measure the effectiveness and performance of the ITBP function.
Determining a long-term roadmap (business-friendly).
Career paths for IT BP.
What does a high impact IT BP look like.
Techniques to progress maturity.
How can architecture add value.
Digital transformation and the role of IT BP in defining strategy.
AI and robotics - what’s left for IT BP?
Presence and gravitas at senior boards. Gaining senior Stakeholder buy-in.
Where next if you have already reached strategic partner level?

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General Forum Proposal Types

Workshops - An interactive session with a lead facilitator who will guide the attendees through set exercises to achieve the outcome of experiential practical learning (50 minutes). 

Presentations- A 20 minute maximum talk time whereby the presenter discusses past experience, thought leadership and then hosts questions and answers from the floor for the remainder of the hour. 

Panel Discussion- Where two or more industry leaders will debate a topic to arrive at a conclusion on a particular trend. (50 minutes).

Forum Submission Agreement

We require speakers to accept an agreement in which they commit to:

  • Timely release of presentation material (slides) and allow video and audio recording of their presentation, for publishing on Online Forum (members only)

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