Influencing & Political Skills Workshop

Helping you to develop and leverage your relationships

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How to persuade people as an IT Business Partner

Having the right knowledge and experience to make a great decision for your organisation’s future is one thing – getting the right people on board is another. When stakeholders seem reluctant to see the benefit of your ideas, your influencing skills could make the difference between project failure and success. Our one-day workshop in Influencing Skills for IT Business Partners equips you with the skills to confidently make your business case heard.

Influencing Skills for Executive Engagement

Our workshop, led by IT industry experts, will give you the tools and the insight to understand other people, and the skills needed to lead everyone in the right direction.

  • Corporate politics — putting organisational politics into context; what it is and why you need to be good at it. The importance of trust and collaborative behaviour in achieving win-win outcomes
  • Personality types — understanding your own personality type and how it differs from that of others; valuing and appreciating difference
  • The art of influencing — learning how to tailor your communication to the preferred ‘language’ of the receiver; how to engage and build rapport with your audience
  • Recognising type in others — practical experience in ‘reading’ other people. How to identify personality type in others through a short everyday discussion


Build Credibility

  • Show you’re listening
  • Demonstrate competence

Build Trust

  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Reassure stakeholders
  • Manage people effectively

Deliver results

  • Get Stakeholders on-board
  • Improve communications

Increase Impact

  • Engage your audience
  • Gain confidence

The Workshop: Influencing Skills

Helping you to develop and leverage your relationships

What you'll get:

  • An understanding of the different ‘types’ in business and how to recognise them
  • An understanding of your own personality type and how this can influence your attitudes in business
  • Improved interpersonal skills to increase your effectiveness when communicating with stakeholders
  • A more rounded skillset in executive engagement both in IT Business Partner roles and in the wider business context
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