The Strategic IT Partner Mission is to help the organisation gain Competitive Advantage by getting closer to and delivering on the customer and business agenda.

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What does good look like?

In a Nutshell, Good looks like thinking about the long-term future of how the business grows and how technology helps; and having those discussions earlier and with more senior people.

The goal of Strategic IT Partnering is achieved when an Information Technology function (we suggest that Digital and Data functions are variations on a theme) has common business goals with another organisation unit such as Sales or Supply Chain.

People who contribute to the discipline of Strategic IT Partnering agree long term plans with business colleagues, share the responsibility for delivering cutting edge capabilities that deliver what's important to the business. They spend a significant amount of thier time finding new opportunities and focusing on the future direction of the company, yet call to attention, collaborate with people on improving delivery, benefit realisation and existing services.

This goal is best achieved through enabling the five competencies in an organisation: Relationships, Value, Strategy, Portfolio and Organisational Change.

The Benefits Of Strategic IT Partnering

Increased competitive advantage

  • Planning further ahead helps respond to opportunities and threats sooner, rather than be second place to a competitor.
  • Alignment in terms of business outcomes to IT activities means the right direction.

Higher Return on Investment

  • By better planning and decision making, stopping the wrong project or an obsolete service means capital can be deployed elsewhere.
  • Through streamlining business capabilities, elimintating IT bottlenecks, technology can be deployed faster meaning more productivity.

Cost Saving & Higher Revenue

  • Experimenting and prototyping business ideas and technology solutions informs options on what potential new revenue streams can secure the long term future of the business.
  • By measuring value and conducting continuous improvement activities, the organisation makes better use of it's resources.

Where is your organisation?

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